Daniel Herbert speaks to The Roar

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    Daniel Herbert speaks to The Roar

    Daniel Herbert, former Wallaby and Rugby World Cup winner, is currently based in Montpellier, France. In the lead up to the World Cup, we spoke to him about the upcoming tournament.

    In the interview, Daniel discusses why Montpellier is a wise location for the Wallabies’ base, the events he’ll be running during the World Cup, how he’s helping the Wallabies prepare for the French conditions, his views on the Gregan / Giteau debate, and Australia’s chances of winning.

    It’s interesting to note that he rates Ireland as being his pick to take the title. Daniel is organising a series of events in Montpellier during the Cup, including a Pete Murray concert. Details and booking via his website.

    Listen here [~14 mins]:


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