Crisis averted: The resurgence of Australian cricket

Rhys Thompson Roar Rookie

By Rhys Thompson, Rhys Thompson is a Roar Rookie

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    Just when we thought the Australian Cricket team, the Goliath of all Australian sporting rep teams had met its own David, waiting for the killer blow, the beast has suddenly re-awakened.

    Watching these first two tests in South Africa, it is amazing that this is largely the same team which was well beaten in Australia, the same team that was meant to go to South Africa to meekly surrendered their hard-fought no.1 ranking.

    But as those who have stayed up to the wee hours have witnessed, the behemoth finally appears to have awakened from its slumber, injected with some fresh energy and some rejuvenated seasoned campaigners. All this from a team who are supposedly missing at least 3 regular test players.

    I don’t know what drug Ricky got the boys on, but I want some of it, who’d have thought a team who gave up a first series at home for 16 years could turn it all around less that 2 months later.

    In Mitchell Johnson we finally we have a new name who can instill fear as the likes of Warne and McGrath did. I watched with near delight as he sent Smith to hospital, then got them to hold the ambulance as he ripped Kallis open with another searing delivery.

    Those who said it was all over…..hah, we are back, maybe not bigger and stronger, but were still the best in the world in the meantime.