Forget the scandals, it’s all about the game

TazKat Roar Rookie

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    Roger Federer became immortal; Casey Stoner showed amazing guts; while Geelong and St Kilda produced an unforgettable classic.

    In a year that’s been plagued with sporting scandal, it is great to see sublime on-field performances overshadowing the non-stop stupidity of over-paid, bone-headed, and ultimately embarrassing “sports stars.”

    The sporting public is sick to death of seeing footballers drunk, cricketers going fishing, and coaches trying to find their room. Those passionate about their sport are desperate for the heroics of sport to return to the field and the rubbish relegated to the bench.

    Fans of rugby league are disgusted with the endless drunken antics of players (and coaches) this season, and in some cases are switching off the game they have followed all their lives. As fans, they are embarrassed by the indiscretions that has seen the sport dragged through some sticky, smelly mud.

    It’s unfair to pick on just one sport.

    There are many that have been soiled by acts of idiocy. Barry Hall’s fists, Andrew Symonds love of a beer, and, of course, Lote’s mystery faux pas, are just a few.

    All these sports are bigger than the individual. Forgiving and forgetting needs to cease.

    The time has come for some big names to have their backsides royally kicked. Lesser name players are sacked, while the big guns are fined, slapped on the wrist and allowed to resume their six figure contracts after the obligatory tearful apology.

    It’s the general public that part with their hard-earned cash to pay the massive wages of today’s stars. The administators of these sports need to show some respect to their loyal fans by making an example of the serial pests that continue to blight their industry.

    Everyone makes mistakes, but the same mistake twice? Or three times? Come on.

    Let’s kick these bozos out of the sporting arena and let them go and act like geese on their own time.

    Serena, Cadel and Gazza Jnr are the ones that deserve to be up on a pedestal. Let’s put them back where they belong and ignore the ratbags that momentarily distract us from what’s really important.

    Let’s not ever forget, it’s all about the game.