Supa Iberica de Rugby 2010

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    About a month or so ago I posted a thread regarding the Supa Iberica De Rugby and its inaugural season. Well, I thought I’d keep you updated on where things are at.

    The SIR was a championship created without the official sanction of the Federation Espana Rugby (FER), which it turn ensured the Portuguese Rugby Federation steered clear of the inaugural season.

    But that appears to have changed with the Portuguese Rugby Federation‘s President Didier De Agiuar initiating talks with SIR Chairman, Michael Robinson. With this development, the four Portuguese teams that were originally planned could come online next season, growing the Championship from six teams to a possible ten in a matter of a year.

    No word on the structure of the Championship if this was to occur.

    The SIR’s first season was played on a home and away basis, totaling around twelve weeks. The four Portuguese teams could significantly expand the SIR schedule and televised content. We should see some interesting developments in the coming months.

    Staying in Europe, the Ukrainian Rugby Federation is in the process of establishing its own Professional Rugby (RU) League. Details are hard to come by, as the translation from Russian to English is very sketchy.

    However, six teams have been confirmed.

    Confusingly, they have only noted five at the moment, with another two from Kiev to be confirmed in the current weeks. Thus far, the teams are Olympus (Kharkov), Credo-63 (Odessa), Sokol (Lviv), Dinamo Center (Tiraspol) and Olimp (Tiraspol).

    The sixth is expected to be a pseudo Moldavian National team.

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