Is this an exciting new era in commentary beginning?

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    Anyone who left the television on Channel 7 after the Federer Vs Hewitt will have experienced a breath of fresh air in the form of Henri Leconte’s commentary during the Tsonga Vs Almagro match.

    In my opinion, and I’m writing this blog to see who agrees and who disagrees, he was magnificent. His commentary came from the heart, with extreme passion for the game.

    He didn’t hide his bias for his fellow country-man Jo-Wilfred, but at the same time, at no point was he disrespectful towards Nicolas Almagro.

    At times I couldn’t understand what Henri was saying, but it didn’t matter.

    To be honest, I was starting to doze off in front of the television, but the excitement and passion in Henri’s voice, along with some ripping ground strokes from Almagro had me glued to the television.

    I hope we look back on this game and herald Henri a hero, a pioneer for changing the rules that seem to govern commentator behavior.

    I hope the reigns are loosened on commentators and they can start to show more passion. Some commentators have started doing this already, but not with as much passion.

    Andrew Gaze in the b-ball, Warne on the cricket, Healy, Taylor, Slater have all been good, too. Andrew Johns in the rugby league, I think, has far more to offer. Rod Kafer is great in the union and has more to offer.

    If this is a new era, who could be facing a redundancy next week?

    Fred Stolle comes to mind, Sandy Roberts, Jack Newton, Gordon Bray, Andrew Voss, John Alexander, Bruce McAveney, Tony Greig, Mark Nicholas.

    In my mind, these people need to spark it up a bit. Or move on.