FFA disrespects football’s past

Alex Poulos Roar Rookie

By Alex Poulos, Alex Poulos is a Roar Rookie

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    This current FFA has from its inception til today continually disrespected Australian football people with insults and ignorance to ridiculous scales.

    The current FFA has pretended and talks to the public as if football in Australia started in 2005 and no football existed prior to that. Is that fair to all the Socceroos previous to 2005? Is it fair to the players who won national league titles prior to 2005? Is it fair to the fans you made this game what it was prior to 2005?

    Take a ride to the FFA head office and see if there is any pictures/symbols of football from Australia prior to 2005. No there is not.

    But this current FFA is happy to get on the bandwagon of the 2006 World Cup squad but where did these players come from? Oh wait, can I mention clubs like Melbourne Knights, Marconi and South Melbourne or is there a ban from Fox Sports on mentioning the past?

    “The Big Blue” was used to pump up this Melbourne versus Sydney rivalry, yet only 12,000 people attended the match.

    It’s time for the FFA to accept that the footballing public of Australia will not be disrespected any longer, and for the good of the game this “pretend the past did not exist” must be stopped and the real clubs who carried the game over the last 50 years must be given the equal opportunities to be involved in growing the game in this country.

    Enough is enough!