Ok, Australia, it’s time to support the A-League

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    Somebody once said, what doesn’t kill you can only make you stronger. There has never been a time more appropriate to adopt this mentality then now.

    Despite the clear injustice of the World Cup hosting decision to both us and the United States, we must move on. If there has ever being a time to prove that football belongs in this country, it is now.

    Throughout the coming weeks many people will take aim at our sport, claiming that it has no hope in this country and that the bid was a waste of money.

    There would be no better way to prove them wrong than to turn out in droves to A-League football matches. It would be the best way for this nation to tell the Australian doubters and FIFA that football is loved in this nation, and forever will be, regardless of others actions.

    My fellow Australian football fans, actions speak louder than words.

    One of the hardest parts of this great disappointment will be all the so called ‘experts’ throughout the media who will use this failed bid as a springboard to criticise the entire game in this country.

    Please, my fellow football fans, never believe that it was wrong of silly to have believed in having a World Cup in Australia, because it will happen. It took us three attempts to succeed in the bid to host of Sydney Olympics, nobody called that a waste of money.

    Let’s keep bidding until we get the holy grail of international sport. 2026 is not too bad of a chance. When Qatar hosts the World Cup, that would take out an mainland Asian world Cup for the next couple of tournaments, we are a chance.

    Let’s keep trying. Football in Australia has a future, and it is in our hands.

    So if you are not a big A-League or football fan, the time to show your support is now. Let’s not get weighed down by this great injustice.

    Let’s move on and continue to prove why football belongs in this country for many years to come.