AFL TV and broadcasting rights: the details

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The full details of the AFL TV rights deal and the additional live broadcasting over Foxtel and Austar.

A $1.253 billion dollar deal, with $1.118 billion in cash + 135m contra advertising.

Three media partners:

  • The Seven Network on free-to-air
  • Foxtel on subscription television and IP television
  • Telstra on IP television and mobile

Live Friday night football via free to air channels into Vic, NSW, Qld, Tas. Four games in every round live on free to air in NSW and Qld.

Near live Friday night football via free to air channels into SA and a reduced delay into WA on free to air.

Every game, every week live from Fox Sports on Foxtel and Austar and live on IPTV, and on Telstra mobile

Local teams broadcast via Free to Air into local markets every week of the season in: SA, WA, QLD and NSW

As a standard, the Seven Network will broadcast four matches per round nationally in all states and territories while FOX Sports on the Foxtel and Austar networks will broadcast all matches live on subscription television and IP television.

Telstra will broadcast one match live on its IP television platform and all nine matches live on mobile.

A Standard round will look as follows:

Match 1: Friday night 7.50pm EST bounce, 8.40pm EST bounce when played in WA or SA
Match 2: Saturday afternoon, 1.45pm EST bounce
Match 3: Saturday afternoon, 2.10pm EST bounce
Match 4: Saturday twilight, 4.10pm –5.40pm EST bounce
Match 5: Saturday night, 7.10pm –7.40pm EST bounce
Match 6: Saturday night, 7.10pm –7.40pm EST bounce
Match 7: Sunday early, 1.10pm EST bounce
Match 8: Sunday afternoon, 3.15pm EST bounce
Match 9: Sunday twilight, 4.40pm EST bounce

The Premiership Season schedule shall consist of at least 22 rounds of 9 Matches, played over (at least) 22 weeks.

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