I’m not paying FFA fine, says Clive Palmer

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    An appeal has been lodged by Gold Coast United over coach Miron Bleiberg’s $5000 fine for breaching the national code of conduct.

    However, Football Federation Australia (FFA) may soon investigate Clive Palmer after the billionaire United owner threatened to take legal action against them if they dismissed his A-League club’s appeal.

    United are believed to have appealed the severity of the fine slapped on Bleiberg for saying referee Peter Green favoured home teams and insinuating the FFA favoured Sydney FC over other clubs.

    Bleiberg’s comments came after Gold Coast had suffered a shattering 3-2 loss to Sydney FC on November 6.

    But Palmer further stoked the fire on Wednesday when he claimed he would not pay the fine and promised to take FFA to court if their appeal failed.

    “In Australia we’ve got a history of freedom of speech – this has been protected by our courts for many years,” Palmer told News Limited.

    “They can’t impose conditions which go against the constitution and go against the law because we live in Australia – we’re a free country.”

    Told about Palmer’s comments, an FFA spokesman said on Wednesday: “There is due process that needs to be undertaken in relation to the appeal.

    “All matters will be considered in that process relating to Miron Bleiberg’s situation.

    “And we haven’t got any comment to make about the public commentary from Gold Coast United.”

    Gold Coast’s appeal is expected to be discussed in the coming days while FFA officials are believed to be set to address Palmer privately over his concerns.

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