Muamba heart attack leaves rivals united in shock

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    This morning in the FA Cup sixth round tie between Bolton Wanderers and Tottenham Hotspur, Bolton player Fabrice Muamba suffered a serious heart attack whilst on the pitch.

    The crowd sat stunned as the paramedics completed CPR on the unmoved frame of Muamba.

    Thankfully for spectators and football fans across the world, Muamba is in a serious but stable condition.

    Over social media sites, there has been a huge response to this event, with Muamba trending worldwide on twitter.

    There have been many messages of support from high profile players, including Sergio Aguero, Tim Cahill and a community of others.

    The hatred that is often shown between Premier League clubs was non-existent today, as both sets of fans sang out Muamba’s name, and consoled each other like they were friends.

    Middle aged men were seen crying the hearts out to a person they had ever come in contact with before. The emotion is unparalleled to any moment these spectators have ever faced before.

    It’s amazing how such an event can link people together to fight towards the same common denominator; hope, safety and love.

    From all of the footballing world Fabrice, we hope you get well soon, and that you are back on the football pitch in no time.