Anthony Mundine vs Danny Green inches closer

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    Anthony Mundine has ducked fellow WBA junior middleweight title holder Austin Trout, as a rematch with fellow Aussie Danny Green starts to firm up.

    Mundine’s camp failed to turn up at a recent WBA purse pid in Panama, scuppering plans for a mandatory matchup between Mundine (interim champion) and the American Trout (regular champion).

    The Trout camp has slammed Mundine, while the 36-year old Australian has hit and called Trout “laughable” and a “nobody”.

    “If he came with a name and came with some pulling power (I’d fight him) – but I’m not going to let him use me and take my money,” Mundine told Fox Sports.

    “Austin Trout is a no-name. He’s getting desperate. He’s like a desperate dude that’s looking for a pay day.”

    This whole episode is laughable. Mundine says he wants the big fights, he wants to take on the top fighters in the US.

    Trout is the regular WBA champion. He is undefeated after 24 pro fights and is only 26 years old.

    There are only two reasons Mundine doesn’t want to fight Trout – he isn’t getting enough money (in his eyes) for the bout, or he is worried about beating Trout.

    Mundine seems to be forgetting that he isn’t a big name in America. He isn’t going to be thrown big money in the States without winning some fights and defeating some name boxers there. Trout would be one.

    The only other “bigger” fights out there for Mundine would the WBA super champion Miguel Cotto, the WBC champion Saul Alvarez or the IBF champion Cornelius Bundrage (probably not the two WBO Eastern European belt holders). Or Mundine may want to go up in weight to fight WBA middleweight super champion Felix Sturm or WBC champion Julio Cesar Chavez Jr.

    But a world title fight is not going to jump out from nowhere. Mundine has to earn it. Beating Trout would do that. But sadly it won’t happen.

    Making money before he retires, not leaving a lasting legacy, is what Mundine appears to be focusing on.

    He says the people want a rematch with Green.

    Sure, it would make a stack of money and bring in the punters who rarely ever follow boxing. Their first fight made more money than any other pro fight in Australian history. But Green is 39, now fighting at crusierweight or light heavyweight, and has badly lost his last two bouts. This would be a cash grab, pure and simple.

    If Mundine wants to beat the best, and make history then he should fight Trout. Do it for your reputation, not your bank balance for once. Or even better, IBF middleweight champion Daniel Geale.

    Bouts with Trout or Geale would make better fights, but less money than a Green clash. And that sadly, is what boxing is all about today.

    Prepared to be scummed again Aussie fight fans.