Cowboys take a leaf out of St Kilda’s book

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    Manly celebrate during the qualifying final between the Manly Sea Eagles and North Queensland Cowboys

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    Today’s story is brought to you by the letters M, C and G, for that’s where most North Queensland fans keep up to date with their team’s progress.

    That’s a lie of course: I’m willing to wager more on me being the only Cowboys fan at the Melbourne-St Kilda game on Saturday night than I would on the Demons being able to beat any team that wasn’t formed in the last five years.

    Like North Queensland, St Kilda tend to seriously frustrate their fans. None were more frustrated than the dreadlocked man that materialised in the seat in front of me during a bathroom break. He apparently expected an easy win against the winless Demons, repeatedly banging the seat in front of him.

    Every time the umpires made a call against the Saints he seemed to take it more personally than had he found the umpire engaging in a ménage a trois with his mother and wife.

    Any thoughts on keeping fully up to date with the NRL score was blown away the first time we checked. Both the Cowboys and Rabbitohs are capable of racking up – and conceding – some big scores in quick time; this time the Rabbitohs put their foot to the floor to take an early 20-0 lead.

    Not the greatest news in the world, although once again this was the game in which you’d expect some big scoring streaks from either side.

    So it proved – the Cowboys scored the game’s remaining points, eventually ending up four points short. Ashley Graham scored a double and James Segeyaro one but, unlike the Saints, the Cowboys couldn’t come away with a win.

    If North Queensland are to advance in the finals – and the talent’s definitely there – these are the games they need to win more often than not. While scoring 16 straight is something to applaud, letting in 20 in the first 20 minutes is all too typical.

    Typical, and like my mate found his night at the MCG, all too frustrating.

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