Cracks appearing in Team Sky via warring WAGs?

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    It has been spoken about in whispers throughout the year, hinted at after the Vuleta last year and questions asked after Mark Cavendish signed. It does now seem though that the suggested divisions within the Sky Team are in fact real.

    Confirmation came via Twitter (ironic some might think, given Brad Wiggins’ stance on it last week) after what was an incredibly entertaining and controversial stage 11 of the Tour de France.

    With 4km remaining, Chris Froome’s pace on the front – which was intend to and successfully did unhitch Cadel Evans – was so intense it also dropped his team leader, Bradley Wiggins.

    Seemingly unawares, Froome continued powering up the climb and putting time into his team leader.

    Then came the call over the team radio, which duly saw Froome back off and pace Wiggins to the finish.

    It is from here that the real evidence of divisions appearing within the team emerged. The following was tweeted by Catherine Wiggins (partner of Brad) – and one of the WAGs of the Tour de France

    Which was noted and followed up with

    From Michelle Cound – the partner of Chris Froome. She appears to have taken offense to Catherine’s tweet, especially in light of these preceding tweets


    All posted after the end of the days stage. It doesn’t however end there, as a tweet posted to Michelle from Peta Todd (partner of Mark Cavendish) was replied to with the following:

    Even with trying to appreciate that there is a component of emotion in these tweets, given they followed on so closely to the end of the stage, we are still left with the impression that there is a ‘Camp Wiggins’ and ‘Camp Froome/Cavendish’ now within Sky.

    And David Millar quipped in with

    Oh to be a fly on the wall at Sky’s team dinner…