Queensland Roos are smart arses

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    After the game at Dairy Farmers on Saturday night, the victory for Australia was soured by Queensland players singing their Queensland State of Origin victory song, let’s call it “the yippee song”.

    What, the Aussie team don’t have a victory song?

    Former Kangaroo (and renowned New South Welshman) Tommy Raudonikis has labelled the Queensland players as smart arses for their choice of song after the game.

    Is the state rivalry affecting our Aussie team’s comradeship, which was once something treasured by all who wore the green and gold?

    There is already some who believe that Test matches are a thing of the past and people have lost interest in what was once a great spectacle.

    I for one used to love the three match Tests and it was always a great contest, but has the might of Origin taken the gloss of a once great series?

    Most people you talk to now, it’s all about Origin, with Test matches being a very poor second.

    Is it time to make Test matches a four year thing to try and bring back the interest, because the hype about State of Origin is massive and is very hard to beat.

    Whichever way it goes, I think the powers that be need to have a long look the placement of Test matches, and how to bring back the interest in country versus country for players and fans.

    Because if the players are singing their state song instead of combined Aussie song to celebrate their victory for Australia, what does that say about the future of the green and gold?