My household and the cricket loving community have all had their say on who should have been chosen for the international Twenty20 games coming up.

So I’ve written this ode to selection dramas and would love to get your thoughts.

Put yourself in the selectors’ shoes and list your ideal T20 team and let the debate continue”

Couch selectors

Aussies are passionate about cricket
We all want to have a say
12 is not a big number
not all our favourite’s can play.

The Big Bash was exciting
A great guide for what’s ahead
Not every incumbent should be picked
Surely we back form instead.

Is Bailey our best captain?
Does Doherty wear the pants ?
Has rearranging dressing sheds
Cost Dan Christian another chance ?

Brisbane Heat won the final.
Is one of them enough?
Pomersbach looks stiff,
But who to drop is tough.

Ben Rohrer was on fire
his contribution was immense
I’m sorry to Maxi’s family
But did Inverarity jump the fence?

I’m not paid for this opinion
Nor do I want a selectors job
My aim was to get people talking
Without forming an angry mob.

Cricket Australia want bums on seats
Paying fans want the best on field
Let the couch selectors have their way
Then watch the tickets yield.

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