Can Essendon hold back the Peptide?

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    In the days, weeks, and months ahead, Essendon faces a terribly difficult and possibly catastrophic time.

    There is no point hiding the fact that the club appears to be in big trouble. A sporting club does not call in ASADA for a random audit.

    The use of supplements such as Peptides is widely practiced across many sporting clubs. 90% are legal and approved by various sporting bodies around the world. It’s the remaining 10% that is cause for concern.

    So the big issue, if the Peptides given to Essendon players are in the 90% why would the fitness staff ask players to sign a waiver to protect themselves or the club?

    The content of the waivers is unknown. It could be as innocent as a simple medical waiver covering off side effects or perhaps something more sinister.

    It appears the players under the guidance of fitness guru Dean ‘The Weapon’ Robinson and sports medicine innovator Stephen Dank have conducted a supplements program that has been described as on the edge.

    Naturally, social media exploded on Tuesday when the news broke amid the speculation of alleged supplement abuse and waiver forms signed by Essendon players.

    Kyle Reimers was front and centre of fan anger as it appears he has gone to the media over the supplement use. Reimers was delisted by Essendon at the end of 2012 season and has not signed with another club.

    However, in my opinion the anger at Reimers although understandable is misplaced. If Essendon have done nothing wrong he is just a disgruntled ex-player; it happens in football. Reimers though is the least of the problems for the club.

    Dank left the club last year and Robinson has now been stood down subject to the investigation.

    Tens of thousands of Bomber fans are left in sheer bewilderment and distress that this is happening to our club. Essendon was founded in 1872, this scandal could rock the club to its very core.

    Player or club ignorance is no excuse. Even if the players thought the substances and injections were all perfectly fine and it’s found they have been given illegal supplements they face a lengthy ban.

    The worse case is a two year ban for a large group of players or the club itself suspended for two years. That is nothing short of catastrophic for many people who hold the red and black very dear.

    Until the investigation is over this is all speculation. I just hope it’s not a king tide.

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