Friday Flick: Spartacus scales the Porte del Comte

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Thanks for tuning in to today’s Friday Flick. Over the last few weeks we have taken some wonderful trips down memory lane, reliving cycling from days gone by.

For today’s flick we only have to cast our minds back a few short years to the Tour de France 2009.

I had actually forgotten about this remarkable performance until a few months ago when I stumbled upon this clip and I can’t tell you how excited I was to see it again.

I distinctly recall sitting up watching this feat of lunacy, bravery and outstanding riding skills. I recall watching it through fingers covering my face, with my heart in my mouth, as Spartacus rides ever so close to the cars, especially the medics.

What makes this clip so special is the man himself. Fabian Cancellara is so aptly named Spartacus and for those who are not familiar with why he has this nickname, you will be by the end of this clip.

He knows no fear as he races through the Pyrenees to rejoin a peloton that is speeding away from him.

I know that many of you are familiar with this piece of footage and I hope over the next seven and a half minutes you enjoy reliving the spectacle of Spartacus hurtling down the Porte del Comte.

If this doesn’t get your weekend off to a heart starting, pumping thrill of cycling porn, then I suspect we need to call a medic and check if you are still alive.

Enjoy and take care out there this weekend.

PS – this comes with a warning that He Who Cannot be Named may be spotted at the 3.18-3.27 minute mark and then again at 6.04-6.13.

Avert your eyes if you must, but I will not let him or anyone else stop me from enjoying watching one of my favourite riders and you shouldn’t either.

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