George Smith to play against the Lions?

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    George Smith coming back to the Brumbies is the best and most feel good rugby news of the season so far.

    It’s not just the fact that he’s back. He’s only here for a short period, and, if you believe Stephen Larkham, he will mostly start off the bench (yeah, right) and won’t be available for Wallabies selection (yeah, right again).

    Fact: It’s a Lions year.

    Fact: he only played his last game in Japan, yesterday.

    Fact: he starts work with the Brumbies on Monday morning.

    Are you getting my drift?

    We know he is a dedicated Brumby but you might think he might want to be a little more laid back and maybe take a week or two off?

    Who wouldn’t want to play in a Lions series?

    Is George a chance? Yes!

    Is he competitive? Yes!

    How many Lions series has he played in? Just the one!

    Would he like to play in another one – well, you would have to ask him, but I’m guessing that I know the answer – too bloody right!

    What do we all think about that theory?

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