GWS recruits ice hockey goal posts for 2013

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    GWS has announced it is on the brink of signing up a set of ice hockey goal posts as its marqee signing for the 2013 season.

    Following the departure of Israel Folau in the off-season, GWS have been keen on making a big name signing as a replacement and believe the American import is the answer.

    The goal posts, currently employed by the Los Angeles Kings, are tipped to take up a position in the club’s forward line.

    A clearly beaming Andrew Demetriou was delighted at the news. “This yet again proves the international appeal of our game,” said the AFL supremo.

    PR experts hired by GWS hailed the move as a marketing masterstroke by the fledgling team. “Even if the posts don’t kick a single goal, they are going to be generating a lot of free publicity in the papers. The ice hockey goal posts will pay for themselves many times over.”

    GWS coach Kevin Sheedy admits it may take some time for the ice hockey goal to settle in, “We fully expect it will take a while to get used to our game. Mainly because the posts are used to being on ice but also because they are a set of non-sentient goal posts”.

    The signing has raised some criticism from within the AFL, questioning why GWS pay millions on a high profile import when perfectly good ice hockey goals exist in Australia.

    However, supporters and critics both agree on one thing – it surely can’t play worse than Folau.