Slow down Mr Lyon, you move too fast

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    Australia's David Warner consoles his distraught team mate Nathan Lyon after he lost his wicket giving New Zealand victory(AAP Image/Dale Cumming)

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    Nathan Lyon bowls his overs like he has had 35 red bulls – walking briskly back to his mark, performing a quick pirouette and running back in to bowl another ball with seemingly little thought or real intent.

    Shane Warne, even when having a rare bad day, put thought into and processed every delivery before coming into bowl. He walked slowly back to his mark, sometimes checking his field before slowly turning around, pausing again to gather himself and then ambled into the crease once again.

    Lyon’s bowling speeds are also way too fast, consistently around the 87/90km/h mark, which eliminates any chance of loop, flight, drift or spin he might be able to get if he was to bowl 5-10km/h slower.

    In the face of the first Test MS Dhoni massacre a couple of days ago, Lyon did very little to interrupt the immense momentum of the match-changing innings.

    There were no variations in speed, no long pauses between deliveries – which might have annoyed or distracted Dhoni – generally nothing to disrupt Dhoni’s rhythm or put him off his game.

    I will never be Nathan Lyon’s number one fan – Australia should have persisted with Jason Krejza for a while longer than they did – nor do I expect Nathan Lyon to emulate the feats of Warne.

    However, the before mentioned attributes can so easily be emulated and fashioned into Lyon’s game, as it is nothing technical or ability based.

    Surely all it would take is a tap on the shoulder from one of the Australian brains trust, on the field or off, and say, “Slow down, mate.”

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