Geelong vs North Melbourne: 2013 NAB Cup live scores

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    Geelong vs. North Melbourne

    Simonds Stadium
    2013 NAB Cup March 10, 2013
    Geelong won by 12 points
    Geelong North Melbourne
     Goal Behinds Points Goal Behinds Points
    Q13624   3220
    Q28654   6238
    Q310868   10868
    Q4141296   121284

    A spot in the NAB Cup grand final is up for grabs for unbeaten North Melbourne this afternoon when they face Geelong at Simonds Stadium. We’ll have live scores from 3.45pm AEDT.

    Geelong’s loss to Fremantle in round one of the pre-season competition means they are next to no chance to appear in the NAB Cup final this weekend, but coach Chris Scott won’t mind.

    His side have been building steadily during the pre-season, a fact confirmed by the 63-point hiding they dealt to Adelaide last Saturday afternoon in Geelong.

    What made the win even more meritorious was the fact that the likes of Selwood, Hawkins and Johnson were among a considerable injury list.

    Twin brother Brad Scott’s North Melbourne won’t be perturbed. Despite only beating Gold Coast Suns by 13 points last weekend they were easily the better side, and only a succession of late Suns goals prevented the margin from highlighting the gulf between the two teams.

    Couple that with wins against the Demons and Tigers in week one and it is easy to see why many are tipping the Kangaroos to make the step from a mid-table also-ran to genuine premiership threat.

    Brad Scott never misses an opportunity to remind the AFL community of the strong belief he has in the fabric of the North Melbourne Football Club and you can be assured he won’t miss the opportunity to make a grand final – pre-season or not.

    Geelong’s established stars continue to ease themselves into the season with a view toward round one, while North welcome back key forward Drew Petrie and captain Andrew Swallow.

    They’ll be thirsty for a win over their more experienced and successful opponents and in warm early-Autumn weather they should return to Melbourne with a win this evening.

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    Quarter 1
    3' BEHIND - Shane Kertsen (Geelong)
    4' BEHIND - Joel Selwood (Geelong)
    5' GOAL - Steven Motlop (Geelong)
    8' GOAL - Josh Walker (Geelong)
    9' BEHIND - Josh Walker (Geelong)
    10' BEHIND - Samuel Wright (North Melbourne)
    12' GOAL - Drew Petrie (North Melbourne)
    13' BEHIND - Ryan Bastinac (North Melbourne)
    13' BEHIND - Shane Kertsen (Geelong)
    14' BEHIND - Jordan Murdoch (Geelong)
    15' BEHIND - Jordan Schroder (Geelong)
    17' GOAL - Steven Motlop (Geelong)
    21' GOAL - Majak Daw (North Melbourne)
    23' GOAL - Lindsay Thomas (North Melbourne)
    Quarter 2
    2' GOAL - Jordan Murdoch (Geelong)
    3' GOAL - Leigh Adams (North Melbourne)
    9' GOAL - Tom Hawkins (Geelong)
    12' GOAL - Aaron Black (North Melbourne)
    15' GOAL - Lindsay Thomas (North Melbourne)
    18' GOAL - Tom Hawkins (Geelong)
    21' GOAL - Joel Selwood (Geelong)
    24' GOAL - Tom Hawkins (Geelong)
    Quarter 3
    2' BEHIND - Rushed (North Melbourne)
    3' GOAL - Jordan Murdoch (Geelong)
    4' BEHIND - Lindsay Thomas (North Melbourne)
    7' GOAL - Lindsay Thomas (North Melbourne)
    9' BEHIND - Jordan Murdoch (Geelong)
    10' BEHIND - Lindsay Thomas (North Melbourne)
    12' BEHIND - Leigh Adams (North Melbourne)
    12' GOAL - Andrew Swallow (North Melbourne)
    14' BEHIND - Travis Varcoe (Geelong)
    15' BEHIND - Lindsay Thomas (North Melbourne)
    16' GOAL - Ryan Bastinac (North Melbourne)
    21' GOAL - Kieran Harper (North Melbourne)
    22' BEHIND - Kieran Harper (North Melbourne)
    23' GOAL - Travis Varcoe (Geelong)
    Quarter 4
    1' BEHIND - Lachlan Hansen (North Melbourne)
    3' BEHIND - Rushed (North Melbourne)
    4' BEHIND - Jordan Schroder (Geelong)
    7' GOAL - Lachlan Hansen (North Melbourne)
    8' BEHIND - George Horlin-Smith (Geelong)
    10' GOAL - Paul Chapman (Geelong)
    12' BEHIND - Jordan Schroder (Geelong)
    13' GOAL - Paul Chapman (Geelong)
    15' BEHIND - Daniel Wells (North Melbourne)
    16' GOAL - Josh Walker (Geelong)
    21' BEHIND - Lindsay Thomas (North Melbourne)
    22' GOAL - Jack Ziebell (North Melbourne)
    22' BEHIND - Paul Chapman (Geelong)
    24' GOAL - Paul Chapman (Geelong)

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    • 8:05am
      george said | 8:05am | ! Report


    • 7:17pm
      ken said | 7:17pm | ! Report

      Do geelong play in grand final against carlton or collingwood.

    • Roar Rookie

      TheFootyFinatic said | 6:15pm | ! Report

      Well, that raps up a Saturday afternoon at the cattery. A good catch-up from the kangaroos, but not enough to seal the deal.

      Geelong wins by 12 points and have earned themselves a place in the NAB cub grand final.

      Final Score:

      Geelong: 96
      North Melbourne: 84

      A very tight game, and a good win for the cats at the cattery.

      They had to certainly earn their spot in the grand final.

      • 6:29pm
        Sam said | 6:29pm | ! Report

        It’s a Carlton Vs the winner of Collingwood/Lions cup final…….
        Geelong are 17% points lower.
        So either
        Carlton vs Collingwood – which would be a good battle, Buckley vs malt house
        Carlton vs Lions
        Or if tonight’s game is a draw Lions vs Collingwood again

    • Editor

      Chad Bennett said | 6:09pm | ! Report

      FULL TIME: Geelong 14.12.96 defeated North Melbourne 12.12.84

      Good result there from the Cats. Three goals from Paul Chapman and three from Tom Hawkins lead Geelong to a two-goal lead in extreme heat.

    • Roar Rookie

      TheFootyFinatic said | 6:06pm | ! Report

      Well, that raps up a Saturday afternoon at the cattery. A good catch-up from the kangaroos, but not enough to seal the deal.

      Geelong wins by 12 points and have earned themselves a place in the NAB cub grand final.

      Final Score:

      Geelong: 96
      North Melbourne: 84

      A very tight game, and a good win for the cats at the cattery.

    • 5:59pm
      John Wriedt said | 5:59pm | ! Report

      Ringo , I hear you , its good to get a win . . . .

      • 6:10pm
        Ringo said | 6:10pm | ! Report

        True John, it’s fantastic to get a win, but I think people are starting to put too much emphasis on the nab cup, and I just fear that one of our best players will get an injury playing in a series that is forgotten about once it’s over. I wouldn’t have a clue who won last years, that’s how much impact it has on me and I’m sure alot of other people

        • 6:31pm
          maisieted said | 6:31pm | ! Report

          Obviously your team didn’t win it, otherwise you would have known

    • Roar Rookie

      TheFootyFinatic said | 5:39pm | ! Report

      Back and forth in the centre

      This shows how much both teams want this grand final spot

      NMK- 68
      Geelong – 68
      All Tied Up

      • 5:41pm
        Ringo said | 5:41pm | ! Report

        Why the hell you would want to risk playing another round of footy, at the risk of injuring good players to win the nab cup?? That is beyond me

    • 5:36pm
      Ringo said | 5:36pm | ! Report

      Go you cattys but don’t worry if you lose, it’s only the nab cup no big deal

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