The three amigos no laughing matter

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    James O'Connor of the Melbourne Rebels is tackled by the NSW Waratahs. (Photo: Paul Barkley/LookPro)

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    If the makers of the film the Three Amigos wanted to make a sequel, there is enough material featuring Kurtley Beale, Quade Cooper and James O’Connor. However this would be no comedy flick.

    The events on the weekend in Durban involving Beale are yet another alcohol-fuelled incident for this once precocious talent.

    Beale is starting to accumulate quite a rap sheet, his mate Cooper has controversy as his middle name and O’Connor is no eagle scout either – his absence, due to a hangover, from the 2011 World Cup squad announcement was embarrassing and disgraceful.

    All three are talents on the field, however their off-field exploits overshadow they’re getting extremely well paid to do – play good, consistent rugby.

    What an injured Beale was doing travelling with the Rebels to South Africa is beyond me. The guy seems to have a real problem with the drink and it must be addressed or his Wallaby career is over.

    Which leads me to this, are the Wallabies better off without these three guys?

    Logic says no, due to their ability and match winning qualities. However you could argue Beale and Cooper have not played well for two years at Wallaby level, whereas O’Connor has missed a lot of football due to injuries.

    If the Wallabies team was picked on form today, only O’Connor would merit consideration and probably only off the bench.

    My gripe with these three is that I want selfless team guys who cherish the gold jersey. These three have been mollycoddled for far too long.

    The ARU, and Deans, simply must take a firm hand, they either shape up now or the Wallabies move on without them.

    I think Cooper and Beale are in the last chance saloon, while O’Connor needs to start focusing more on football, now that he is fit. The Rebels need him, and that’s more important for his brand.