Eddie McGuire apologises after ‘King Kong’ comment on Goodes

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Eddie McGuire has apologised after suggesting that Adam Goodes could be used to promote the musical King Kong on Melbourne radio this morning.

On Triple M’s Hot Breakfast Radio Show this morning with co-host Luke Darcy, McGuire was responding to comments Darcy had made about a recent promotion for King Kong.

“One of the great promos ever was the hand coming out of the Eureka tower. What a great promo that is for King Kong,” Darcy said, to which McGuire responded:

“Get Adam Goodes down for it, you reckon?”

Darcy replied with a deadpan “No, I wouldn’t have thought so,” before McGuire continued.

“You can see them doing that, can’t you? Goodesy? … you know, the big, not the ape thing, the whole thing… I’m just saying pumping him up and mucking around and that sort of stuff,” he said, seemingly unaware of the gaffe.

McGuire later tried to backtrack from his comments.

“Just to clear up, when we were talking about King Kong there and I was mumbling my way through about Goodesy,” he said.

“I was trying to say ‘Imagine the old days of trying to get people in for publicity’ and I’ve mumbled my way through that.

“So anyone who thought that I was having a go or being a smart alec, I take that back.”

McGuire went on to say he had been “exhausted” at the time and “off on a tangent somewhere”.

The gaffe comes just five days after a 13-year-old Collingwood fan was ejected from the MCG for calling Goodes an “ape” in the Swans’ 47-point win over the Magpies on Friday night.

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