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By Jason Cave, 29 May 2013 Jason Cave is a Roar Rookie

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    The AFL’s Foxtel Cup is in danger of going the way of State of Origin and International Rules unless some radical changes are introduced to help spice up the competition before it is discarded from the interstate leagues and the clubs themselves.

    Here are the two ideas I think would help improve the Foxtel Cup as a whole.

    1) Play it in the pre-season
    For SANFL clubs like Norwood, it becomes a nightmare to focus on both competitions-the SANFL premiership and the Foxtel Cup.

    If you asked the Redlegs, they’ll tell you that while they would like to win the Foxtel Cup, their main goal is to not only being there on SANFL grand final day, but also to win the flag,

    Norwood had to make eight, read that again, eight changes from their SANFL game to focus on the Foxtel Cup. Most of their top players weren’t there in the Foxtel Cup game against East Fremantle, which they lost.

    However, if the Foxtel Cup was played in the pre-season, most of the clubs would go all-out to win it. This is not only because it would be an ideal preparation for the regular season, it would also give clubs like Norwood and Port Melbourne the chance to focus totally on their respective league premierships.

    2) A two division competition
    The Foxtel Cup could be broken up into two divisions or sections in knockout football.

    This is how the divisions or sections would look like.

    DIVISION 1 (10 teams and using this year as a guide)
    1. Port Melbourne (VFL)
    2. Williamstown (VFL)
    3. Box Hill (VFL)
    4. Werribee (VFL)
    5. Claremont (WAFL)
    6. West Perth (WAFL)
    7. East Fremantle (WAFL)
    8. West Adelaide (SANFL)
    9. Norwood (SANFL)
    10. Woodville-West Torrens Eagles (SANFL)

    DIVISION 2 (8 teams)
    1. Belconnen (NEAFL)
    2, Queanbeyan (NEAFL)
    3. Burnie (TSL)
    4. South Launceston (TSL)
    5. University Blacks (VAFA)
    6. St Pauls (SFL)
    7. Kangaroo Flat (VCFL)
    8. Vermont (EFL

    The Division 1 games and the Division 1 and 2 grand finals would be shown live on Fox Footy.

    So, if the Foxtel Cup wants to be respected by not only the state league and clubs, but also by the TV viewers, it needs to undergo these changes I have outlined.

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