Football World Cup: Australia’s Last Frontier

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    Disappointed football fans watch a live broadcast of the announcement of the host country. AAP Image/Sergio Dionisio

    So with Australia having successfully qualified for their third consecutive football World Cup, how much longer do we have to wait for it to visit down under?

    Australia has hosted practically every sporting event it can get it’s hands on. The Commonwealth Games have been here a record five times.

    Australia has hosted the summer Olympics twice and four Rugby League World Cups. Throw in a cricket World Cup (soon to be two) as well as two Rugby Union World Cups and you have to ask what hasn’t Australia hosted?

    Quite simply it hasn’t hosted the Football World Cup. The world’s most supported and watched event.

    As to how Australia could be overlooked by FIFA in favour of Qatar is beyond me. Australia has the facilities and capability of hosting the tournament.

    You have to ask yourself which other countries can boast a list of international sporting events such as the one above.

    Australia will eventually host a Football World Cup. Hopefully, it will be in my lifetime.

    The day it is announced that Australia is to host the World Cup, that will be the day Australia confirms it’s place as the sports capital of the world.