Throne of Games – Lions III

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    Israel Folau runs the ball during the 1st Test against the Lions. (Photo: Paul Barkley / LookPro)

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    In the great southern colonies this Saturday, a group of representatives from Wales, and some other British Isles, will bear witness the coronation of King George VII!

    Like King George, the first of his name, he has been called from afar to sit the crown and rule the people of Good Britain, in the absence of any other suitable candidates.

    But unlike his namesake, who ruled in the name of Rome, George VII seeks to rule in the name of House Wallaby.

    His ascension will mark a glorious return to his rightful seat on the throne, after retiring the southern seat to rule the new rugby colonies in the far east.

    However the joy of his Lordship’s return has been tempered thrice.

    First by news that squire Gill shall have to lay aside his shield, after earning many honours in two brave battles, of which they already sing songs in the slums and wine taverns!

    Further by the announcements that Ser Warburton of Wales and Ser Brian of Driscoll shall not have the pleasure of meeting George the VII, The Dreadlord of Cromer, on the battlefield, as they shall take no further part in the tourney!

    Sadly this signifies the last time Ser Brian will have led a Northern banner into battle, although Ser Warburton shall carry the Wyvern and the Lion into battle for many years to come, and possibly sit upon the throne, very much in the mould of the VII, whom he will unfortunately never get the pleasure of having opposed.

    With the usurper, Richard the Black, in exile across the sea of the Long White Clouds and young Prince Pocock tending to the King’s horses, it means all four great pretenders to the throne shall be watching from their respective sidelines.

    With the other unfortunate issue surrounding the Squire of Connor and his position in the melee, one can only hope the presence of King George will inspire such awe among his kin and strike such fear into his foe, that even The Bieber can rise to a level more befitting of a knight of Wallaby Gold!

    Again Lord Mowen will play true to his name and do plenty of work on the turf. The Hound has been tireless in battle and while his jousting hasn’t been terribly effective, he has challenged more men than any other in hand to hand combat, and left many a bruise!

    The Mountain, Ser Cliff, needs to embrace some elements of his name more than others. By some reports, Lord Not Kefu has been spending too much time impersonating a large immovable geographic landmass, rather than rising over all as a monument of strength standing against forces of nature!

    After working with the colonies best Maesters all week to have his legs amputated, it is hoped Ser Alexander can squat his arse low enough to engage properly in battle, and provide the likes of Ser Kurtley of Schooners and his squire Ser Israel Threeballs with lots of room to use their horses.

    At least we will rejoice now that the great one will be afield to thwart the oldest foe and we will raise our cups to King George!

    The Other George, The Corsair of Canberra,The True King, Predator, Defender of Roundabouts, the Prince of Pilfer, The Burley Griffin Bandit, George The VII…

    The King has returned!!!

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