It’s not all doom and gloom for loyal Dee fans

Adrian Houghton Roar Guru

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    There is reason to cheer during what has been arguably Melbourne Football Club’s most tumultuous period.

    It’s got nothing to do with caretaker coach Neil Craig’s immediate improvements on the field, but rather the overlooked and somewhat unforeseen benefits of being a Demons’ supporter.

    Melbourne supporters are spoilt.

    Outlandish sentiment at face value, but please let me explain.

    The traditional custodians of the MCG have the luxury of playing a total of 13 games at the home of football – just one shy of powerhouse Collingwood.

    For most footy goers it can be a nightmare arriving at the home of football.

    However, for Dees fans it’s far from an arduous or mind-bending slog.

    If you decide to travel by car you’ve usually made the right decision.

    You can be in and out without much of a hassle, and all the while parking in close proximity to the ‘G.

    For those who commute by train or tram it’s generally a comfy trip.

    Whilst a Hawks fan travelling during peak hour must be tactically adept about which carriage to choose, as to avoid any awkward shoulder-to-shoulder squeeze with fellow supporters, a Melbourne fan has no such dramas.

    Seats are readily available, but at the very least you’ll stand with a fair amount of space.

    It’s something not to be underestimated, especially after watching an emotion-sapping 120 minutes when tensions with the general public can run high.

    And if you happen to be one of the Demons brigade who’s struggling to comprehend what you’ve just witnessed, then grabbing a beer at one of Richmond’s local watering holes is a hasty process.

    Even the lack of congestion at the pubs means you’ll be drowning your sorrows in comfort.

    But let’s not ignore some of the perks during the actual duration of a game.

    Firstly, you don’t have to leave in the latter stages of the first or third quarter to ensure you can avoid the queue and get yourself a customary beer or pie before the start of the next quarter.

    Also, the atmosphere in the catering services is more relaxed than normal, and you won’t feel the pressure of doing things in a speedy manner.

    If you decide to sit in a general area one of the great positives is seating options are aplenty.

    When Mother Nature wants to rear her ugly head and dampen the parade with a shower, then heading into undercover seating doesn’t present any major hurdles either.

    This one’s for the opposing fans.

    Do you ever get sick and tired of that awkward and slightly frustrating knee turn or stand up movement – whichever method you deploy – when a fellow patron wishes to vacate your row?

    At a Melbourne match you have every chance of avoiding such an instance.

    One of the smaller issues, but one as footy fans we’d all like to sidestep if we could.

    As an ardent supporter of the club, it’s not all doom and gloom.

    It cannot be ignored that Melbourne fans are starved of what we all ultimately crave for – on-field team success.

    But there is a range of benefits that can brighten the mood and quell the anxiety levels.

    Loyal Dees’ faithful can take some solace from an otherwise dark time in the club’s existence.

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