2014 is the year of the Watts

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    In the 2008 AFL Draft, Melbourne Selected Jack Watts to be the number one overall pick.

    After finishing 16th in 2008 and a new coach Dean Bailey ready to take on the world, Melbourne was ready to fight their way up.

    The talented teenager was then seen to be the next big thing for the Melbourne Football Club.

    He was supposed to be the answer to all their problems and be the next dominate forward in the AFL.

    Unfortunately for Melbourne and Jack, he is yet to live up the hype.

    He has been thrown forward and into the midflied, copped it from the crowds and is sitting at a club who has not played finals in seven years.

    But there is fresh hope for the young forward.

    Lets not forget, he is still 22 years old, and key position players take a little longer than midfielders to develop.

    In 2014, now with a real coach for the first time in over five years, he has a chance to show the AFL world that he can play once more.

    Watts is not the worst player on the Demons list. He is still very raw.

    His record is not that great yet.

    He has played 73 games and kicked 60 goals and 30 behinds.

    2013 was by far the best year of his career.

    He booted 22.12 in his 18 matches and even bagged four goal efforts against the Western Bulldogs twice.

    The move forward in the second half of the year, gave him 18 goals in just 11 matches.

    More importantly for Watts, is that Melbourne have added a bit more class to their midfield.

    Nathan Jones can now walk into the centre circle with Daniel Cross and Bernie Vince, two former best and fairest winners with successful clubs.

    They also have young Dom Tyson who can add some youth along with Trengove and Grimes.

    Its all set up.

    The next few seasons will be defining for Watts.

    He has shown signs but is yet to become an A-grade forward.

    The Demons midfield now has some experience and ability, so he should less hope of receiving the ball.

    Watts will also have some competiton up forward now.

    Chris Dawes and Mitch Clark look set for 2014 and Jesse Hogan impressed in the VFL.

    Hogan finished the 2013 season with 39 goals in 15 matches.

    Now that one of the best coaches in the game the Demons can start to rebuild.

    The next three years will be interesting for the Melbourne football Club and for Jack Watts.

    Now only time will tell, how good will be….