Roosters win tight match with Panthers 14-12

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    It was a thoroughly enjoyable game at Pepper stadium, which has seen the Roosters get home by two points.

    It was a grinding, defensive effort indicative of the kind of pressure teams exert late in the season.

    Penrith fans will feel a bit hard done by with the decisive try coming from a suspect, pass and there’s every chance they’ll be unhappy there was no penalty call on Michael Gordon’s last-second tackle on a flying Tyrone Peachey, but looking at the play it appears he went in low and the tackle did appear to bounce up off the arm and ball.

    Both sides had periods of dominance in game that had 25 errors and 18 penalties yet still remained compelling viewing right to the end in wet, greasy conditions.

    The Roosters move to 3-0 in 2017 while Penrith drop to 1-2, not that any of that matters so early in the season.

    Final score
    Penrith Pathers 12
    Sydney Roosters 14

    AJ Mithen
    AJ Mithen

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