WATCH: Virat Kohli mocks Aussies’ failed review

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    India skipper Virat Kohli continues to antagonise Australia, even from the balcony of the hosts’ change room in Ranchi.

    A smirking Kohli emerged on day three of the third Test to clap and cheer an unsuccessful review by the visitors.

    The crucial moment call came at the end of the 58th over on Saturday and left Australia with zero reviews remaining until the 81st over.

    Kohli’s childlike applause for what he deemed an error by counterpart Steve Smith came three days after match referee Richie Richardson called on both skippers to ensure their teams behaved much better than in Bangalore, which hosted one of the most spiteful Tests of the modern era.

    The snickometer suggested third umpire Nigel Llong might have actually made a mistake, not skipper Smith.

    Llong ruled the lbw appeal, which came when India were 1-149 and Cheteshwar Pujara had 22, was rightly given not out because the ball hit the bat first.

    “I’ve got definite bat, inside edge,” Llong said.

    But there was a clear spike in the snickometer before the ball hit the willow, which suggest it glanced the front pad first and Llong should have rolled the ball-tracker replay.

    “The ultra edge looked like it lit up before it hit the bat,” Brett Lee said on Star Sports.

    “Front on it looks clearly like it hits bat first.”

    Smith’s angst increased at the next delivery, when a confident appeal for a bat-pad catch was turned down.

    Murali Vijay was on 58 and replays confirmed he would have been out had Smith been in a position to refer the decision.

    Kohli, who is nursing a shoulder injury that prevented him fielding on day two, is expected to bat as listed at second drop.

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