Fulton to recommence white-anting in wake of stunning Manly revival

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    FAUX-CLUSIVE: Manly’s stunning response to their week of self-inflicted politics has inspired Bob Fulton to resurrect his feud with CEO Tim Cleary.

    After the underdog Sea Eagles caused a boilover last night with victory against the Cowboys, the Brookvale supremo pledged to continue the club’s resurrection by resuming his destabilising challenges on the CEO’s authority.

    Speaking after full-time while releasing the air from the tires on Cleary’s Chrysler, a confident Fulton guaranteed fans “further wins are now definitely on the horizon”, albeit mostly for him on a personal, agenda-based level.

    Fulton and Cleary’s bitter power struggle- Manly’s latest political brouhaha and officially the ‘The 845th Battle of Brookvale’ – commenced the moment the CEO took the extraordinary step of accepting a role at the club higher than Fulton’s.

    This was exacerbated when Cleary sacked Fulton’s daughter, a move Fulton avenged by hiring another 13 of his own relatives.

    The furore raged for the entirety of Cleary’s eight-week tenure, a period of time in Manly CEO terms which equates to about seven regular human years.

    However, with the ugly battle set to derail the Sea Eagles campaign to finish 14th, chairman Scott Penn hosed down the controversy with a statement declaring the pair had agreed to a ceasefire.

    But following the obvious benefits of their public bickering, a reinvigorated Fulton has now rubbished the veracity of the chairman’s statement, labelling it “the words of a rugby league chairman.”

    The Immortal promised he would waste no time boosting the team’s now-inevitable journey to finals football, vowing to immediately recommence white-anting Cleary “first thing Monday morning”.

    While Fulton’s preferred method of undermining remains unknown, it is rumoured he will return to trumpeting his virtues as the only man on earth appropriately equipped to take the Sea Eagles forward.

    This will reportedly involve spruiking “to always do what’s best for Manly”, which is to return the club to its glory days of his unchallenged autonomy.

    Not only is the saviour angle a reliable tactic in rugby league politics, it would also conveniently complement Fulton’s grand vision of his Sea Eagles someday usurping the Bulldogs as the real ‘Family Club’, for obvious reasons.

    He believes a corporate hierarchy of Fultons that can outlive the Stewarts and Hopoates should, with any luck, also eventually see off the Penns.

    Dane Eldridge
    Dane Eldridge

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