The Golden State Warriors can still win the title


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    The Golden State Warriors are currently 55-14 and while they remain top of the Western Conference, Steph Curry and some other teammates have come under fire after a few recent losses.

    Other than this, the loss of Kevin Durant has proved to be a significant hole that is hard to fill, even though the Warriors squad is one filled with a variety of talent.

    KD is one of a kind.

    Stephen Curry, the three-point magician, is under in increasing pressure and now is being dubbed by fans and media outlets as ‘overrated’.

    The two-time MVP is a pleasure to watch but has had some seen some rough patches in the past few weeks. Although Curry scored 28 points in the Warriors win over the Bucks, are we now seeing the real Steph?

    My best guess is no. Curry is incredibly talented and probably the best shooter the NBA has ever seen. What we have been witnessing is human. What fans saw the past two seasons is not.

    Mistakes, errors, missed shots and what not is acceptable. It happens, to athletes or not. Steph Curry has been dubbed with a lot of names but I wouldn’t say ‘overrated’ is one of them.

    Durant, the former OKC Thunder gun, is now out indefinitely until the Finals where he may or may not make an appearance. The Warriors won the NBA Championship without Durant once, they can do it again.

    KD is one of the world’s best players and also a pleasure to watch. Let’s see how his injury plays out, but for now injury is something you cannot control.

    GSW is one of the most talented sides the NBA has ever seen. I can’t predict if they’ll take out this year’s season’s NBA title, but I’m sure they will go close.

    What is your opinion, Roarers?

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