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    It is time. You can only talk about potential, and ‘coming of age’ for so long, and raw talent can only get you so far.

    Just ask Roger Federer.

    In a season, thus far, where Kyrgios has beaten a future hall of famer twice in two weeks, and has had the greatest to play the game, Roger Federer, comparing his own past to that of the Australian, the time is now for Nick to take his game to the level that everyone knows exists.

    There’s no denying that Novak Djokovic is in a slump at the moment (a potential downward spiral, though that is for others to eulogise).

    But to annihilate the world number two in consecutive tournaments as Kyrgios has is still utterly impressive.

    It simply cannot be ignored.

    Off the back of that performance, the great Federer has then not only spoken of a quarter final meeting with Kyrgios with heightened anticipation, (a meeting that unfortunately did not eventuate) Federer has done the unthinkable; he has compared his own career to that of the 16th ranked men’s player in the world.

    “I think he’s more established than I was back then already, because he’s already beaten great players for a while now,” said Federer.

    “I’m very impressed with him taking out Novak, back-to-back weeks, on Novak’s best surface,” said Federer. “I hope it’s going to lead to something great for Nick and that he realises if he puts his head down and focuses, he can bring it day in and day out, week in and week out.”

    These are significant statements, and cannot be merely acknowledged as kind words from an ageing warrior.

    You start to feel like Nick Kyrgios in a lot of ways is like Matt Damon out of Good Will Hunting: a talented rogue who just needs a bit of guidance.

    I only hope that Roger Federer ends up being Nick’s Robin Williams (though granted, in somewhat better shape and with less facial hair).

    Federer has little to nothing to gain personally from talking up the Australian, nor is he there to be mates.

    Rather, Federer is an historian of the game himself, and one of the truly deep thinkers. Roger considers all players to be custodians of the game, and would only be talking for the benefit, as he sees it, of the game.

    Federer is aware of the past (and current) greats of the game, names like Emerson, Laver, Connors, Lendl, Courier, Edberg, Sampras, Agassi, Nadal, and Djokovic.

    All the greats come, and they invariably go, and they pass the game to the next players, hoping that the game will be entrusted into the care of those who are worthy.

    If Federer is likening a young Kyrgios to himself, saying that all the tools are in place for the young Australian to now take over the mantel, these words cannot be ignored. It is a case of the greatest recognising greatness.

    So truly, it is time.

    It is an understatement to say it has been a hard road for a willing public to watch Nick over the last few years.

    From a young upstart beating Nadal at Wimbledon, to the outbursts, the hair-dos, the social media, and the apparent flaws.

    Nick Kyrgios celebrates

    And, honestly, who even cares about the flaws? We all have them, and none of us have to learn to deal with our flaws while they are highlighted for all the world to see.

    However, it is as Federer says: the talent is there. Nick has been beating great players, consistently, for his entire career.

    Now is the time to put everything in place.

    I can only hope that Kyrgios is reading these words for him, or at least taking into full consideration the words of the greatest.

    Nick Kyrgios, you now have a choice that not very many are presented with.

    Nick, you can choose to embrace greatness, or you can choose to bypass it.

    You can now choose to apply yourself, with the hard work and single-minded focus that the greatest player to have played tennis has said you are capable of, to use your gift in a way that not only you can enjoy producing, but others can enjoy witnessing.

    So very few of us are presented with that choice.

    I would implore you: choose greatness.

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