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    Arsene Wenger is once again under increasing pressure after Arsenal have suffered 3-1 loss to West Bromich Albion at the Baggies home ground.

    Not only are the fans extremely frustrated, but have been for quite a while now. So the debate continues on whether the Arsenal legend will have his legacy tainted if he overstays at the Emirates – or will the fans back Wenger with #InArseneWeTrust.

    Arsenal fans have been mocked in recent years for being a fickle bunch. After some shock losses the fans turn on him, and during the Gunners’ winning runs they back him, they love the experienced one. As a more modern era of football becomes evident, sports fans become more and more impatient.

    Arsene Wenger is again under pressure to deliver.

    I do think that after more than 20 years as Arsenal manager and after a run where the title could’ve been held at the Emirates a number of times in recent years, I think Wenger should move on.

    It could take time to recover, as we all know, United suffered some rough patches after the departure of Sir Alex Ferguson. However, change can bring positives too. That being said, never underestimate the power of Arsene Wenger, he can produce something out of nothing and even though at this stage of the season and his career he looks a little exhausted, Arsenal still have one of the league’s strongest squads.

    Arsenal players look as though they’re lacking motivation and this could be due to tactical decisions and the way the team is being managed. Wenger is not entirely responsible for many of Arsenal downfalls, the players need to be responsible for their own errors, but everything can be traced back to a manager.

    I believe, whenever Wenger is sacked, or chooses to resign, he should receive a very grand send off. The man has brought loads of trophies to the club and managed the team to go 49 unbeaten.

    I do think at times the fans of Arsenal are too harsh. There is a reason they dub the Premier League as the worlds best, it’s because any team can legitimately beat any team. Only time will tell Wenger’s fate, but the next few rounds are crucial in his employment status at Arsenal Football Club.

    Do you think Arsene Wenger will sign a new contract?