How the recruits and draftees are going: Adelaide (Part 1)

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    Over the season, I am hoping to give you an update with a mix of my own opinion on how the recruits are travelling, in three editions, with 18 articles for each.

    One edition will start after Round 4-5, the second following Round 14-15, and a final edition at the end of the season.

    Jordan Gallucci – #15 2016 AFL Draft
    Gallucci has started the year in the SANFL, and has been developing alright in the reserves, gaining 13 and eight disposals respectively. I feel like he is a player who will be an absolute gun in the future, but will take a few years to develop.

    He is currently a midfielder who mainly plays on the wing, but I feel like he is a player who could develop to rotate among the half-forward line, the wing, and the half-back line. He will miss the game against Central due to a shin injury.

    Myles Poholke – #44 2016 AFL Draft
    Poholke has also started the year in the SANFL, and has been developing well like teammate Jordan Gallucci. He has so far got a total of 30 disposals along with two goals in Round 2 of the SANFL season, and I believe he is a player who could be a gem of the 2016 Draft, being taken in 40s, and could possibly be a good player like the last number 31 guernsey wearer, Jarryd Lyons.

    Elliott Himmelberg – #51 2016 AFL Draft

    Himmelberg, brother of GWS Giants player Harrison Himmelberg, who seems like a long-term prospect for the Crows. He has gained 11 and ten disposals respectively in the past two games, along with four goals and two behinds.

    It’s going to be hard for him to find a place in the Crows powerful forward line this year, but in saying that, it leaves him time to develop over the next few years as a key forward, and possibly play some time learning the game as a defender.

    Matthew Signorello – #62 2016 AFL Draft
    Signorello, taken in the last 20 picks of the AFL Draft, has played well in the first two rounds, gaining 33 disposals overall in the first two rounds, with a goal. He seems composed around the ground, and looks like he could be a hidden gem of the 2016 Draft. He’ll be hoping to try and push for a debut mid-late in the season.

    Ben Davis – #75 2016 AFL Draft
    Davis, being a Swans Academy Graduate, has shown real promise over the past few years, but unfortunately, we will not see him feature in the 2017 Season at neither AFL or SANFL level. He has been placed on the long-term injury list with a foot injury which will rule him out for the season.

    Ben Jarman – #45 2016 AFL Rookie Draft
    Jarman, son of Adelaide and Hawthorn great Darren Jarman, is one who could be a long-term prospect. He seems to have a good goal-sense in his first two SANFL games, snagging two goals and gaining 18 and 13 disposals respectively.

    Keep an eye out for the Brisbane article on how their recruits and draftees are travelling in the 2017 season, and what their future looks to hold.

    What do you think of the Crows draftees? State your thoughts in the comments.