Cronulla Sharks chariman Damian Keogh resigns after drug charge

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    Damian Keogh, Chairman of the Cronulla Sharks, has resigned his position after being charged with possession of an illegal substance.

    Keogh was reportedly found with a bag of white powder in Woolloomooloo on Friday night, when he was searched by police and charged. Keogh will be required to face court on 30 June.

    A police statement said the substance was believed to be cocaine.

    Keogh then handed in his resignation to the Sharks last night.

    “He expressed great remorse to me that he had let me down personally,” said Sharks CEO Lyall Gorman.

    “He’s very distressed about potential outcomes and the impact on the game, the club and his family,” Gorman said.

    “There’s a whole lot of challenging things to be worked on through here.

    “Clearly these things aren’t great for the club or the game but let’s be clear these are allegations.”

    The club issued a short statement on Saturday morning:

    “Our Club advises that Chairman Damian Keogh has stepped aside in his role to allow him to address allegations of possession of an illegal substance.

    “Given the challenging personal nature of this matter, Damian is not currently available for comment.”

    NRL CEO Todd Greenberg confirmed that he was aware of the situation.

    “We are aware of an incident which involves the Sharks chairman,” said Greenberg.

    “We are awaiting further details from the Sharks about what has occurred.”

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