Thomas Broich: A Roar legend

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    Always look on the left side for Broich‘ – a delightful refrain created by The Den.

    We will be looking at the left in the future with a slight pang as the great man will not be there.

    There have been many articles and comments written about Thomas Broich, laying blame etc but this is one about the man and what he has done for Brisbane Roar and why he should never be forgotten.

    When I heard we were signing him I undertook some research and was immediately excited by what I discovered. For those that know me, that should not surprise them as I get excited by everything but I digress.

    I heard a documentary was made about him called Tom meets Zizou, so I bought it and watched it, becoming even more excited. If you haven’t seen the film then you should buy it as should go straight to the pool room.

    He is an artistic, intelligent, talented player who was spoken in the same breath as Bastian Schweinsteiger when he was younger but deemed a luxury player by the hard-nosed German coaches who favoured strength and effort over flair.

    He was not picked often and fell out of love with the game as it was then in Germany. Ange Postecoglou’s visit intrigued and excited him, he fell back in love with the game and the rest is history.

    Thomas Broich celebrates a goal for the Roar

    (AAP Image/Dave Hunt)

    His skill on the ball, trickery, football intelligence and vision were a joy to watch and he mesmerised us so many times over the years. He is often mentioned as the greatest marquee to play in the A-League and I concur with that sentiment, but I may be slightly biased. His corner in the last minute of our first grand final win in 2011 that Eric Paartalu scored from was just as memorable as his myriad goals from free kicks or general play.

    In the last couple of seasons you could see that, at times, he did not have the legs he used to but he still put everything into the game that he had and truly, who could ask for more? He was willing to take a cut in wages so the young players, such as Joe Caletti, could be signed and that showed he was willing to sacrifice money for the sake for the club. Is it possible to love the guy anymore?

    Unfortunately what happened this year happened and no one can, or should, be blamed. He had decided to retire, the Roar management factored that in to their budget and their negotiations and then he changed his mind but it was too late.

    He wants to keep playing so he will play for another club but Brisbane Roar is in his heart, he loves us almost as much as we love him so I expect him to be back one day in some capacity.

    Thomas has spoken about going back to Germany to get his coaching badges so it is not inconceivable that he will come back and assist John Aloisi or maybe one day become our Manager if Aloisi leaves.

    He and his family love the Brisbane lifestyle, he loves the club and there will always be a place for him in Brisbane.

    Maybe one day he will have a statue in front of Lang Park…