Jamie Maclaren signs for FC Darmstadt – wait, who?

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    This is, in my personal opinion, an absolutely outstanding, very intelligent move by a player who has his head squarely on his shoulders. The more I read about Jamie, the more I believe he will be a highly successful person both in football and after.

    He was signed for Perth, scored goals off the bench but did not get much of a look in behind Andy Keogh.

    He was signed by John Aloisi at Brisbane Roar, who was one of Australia’s top strikers, scored that penalty and has scored at the World Cup.

    Jamie’s game flourished under Aloisi, he played almost every game and showed his value by winning the Golden Boot two years in a row.

    His agent has mentioned 80 clubs interested in him so everyone was thinking the Premier League or Italy, China, Belgium etc.

    Instead, he has signed for a club that has just been relegated from the German Bundesliga and will play in Germany’s second tier next season.

    What Maclaren has done is sign for a team who will be immediately pushing for a return for the Bundesliga where he is most likely going to be used as the main striker.

    If they do get promoted this season or next and he maintains his scoring rate, he will be the main striker for a team in one of the strongest and best-run leagues in the world.

    Jamie Maclaren Brisbane Roar portrait

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    The FC Darmstadt Manger is Torsten Frings who is a former midfielder and has played for Bayern Munich, amongst other clubs, and also played 79 games for Germany including at 2 European Championships and 2 World Cups.

    The key point is that he is extremely impressed with Maclaren and intends to use him as his main striker.

    Maclaren has said that Frings was a crucial part in his decision as he is a coach who shares the same ambitions.

    With Frings being a former World Cup player this is another manager who has played at the very highest level so Jamie will continue his education in playing in high-pressure matches.

    Also, the only part of Jamie’s game that was lacking is his assist rate. Playing for a manager who was a world class midfielder should improve that side of his game.

    This should be a blueprint for every young player hitting the A-League.

    Don’t be tempted by lots of money, stay in the A-League for a couple of seasons and develop as much as you can.

    When the time is right and you need a bigger challenge, find a club that has ambition to improve with a quality manager where you are highly rated and will get lots of game time providing you listen, learn, work hard and take your chances.

    I understand that a footballer’s career is only short and can end at any time through injury so it is important to look after the financial side.

    However, if you can be somewhere where you are happy, still playing and constantly improving then you can make a name and start moving up the ladder.

    Next season, I will be keeping an eye out for FC Darmstadt’s results. I hope this move is what Jamie wants it to be, and he will get lots of game time and goals and be in the Bundesliga next season.

    Only time will tell.