Wallabies fans must show up

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    What a post by Jack Quigley, the unknown soldier of the rugby public that expressed and captured the disappointment, heartache and anger of the rugby public in Australia.

    In his drunken state, Jack, while not always correct, successfully showed what has really gone wrong in the last 15 years.

    Much has been written since the post went viral. Michael Cheika even called Quigley to urge him not to lose faith, while also putting the post on the dressing room wall.

    Hi guys,Just wondering if you'd be so kind as to pass this on to Michael Cheika on my behalf. My name is Jack…

    Posted by Jack Quigley on Saturday, 17 June 2017

    Players that at times don’t seem to have the right attitude. Basic skills and enthusiasm lacking. Players that seem to be going through the motions.

    One of rugby’s great elements has always been that old sense of amateurism within the game. Players that wanted to do it for the honour of the community, the club or the nation they represent. It was an unsustainable system of course, but in changing to professionalism, have the Wallabies killed off their most valuable asset?

    What happened to David Campese saying England are boring? What happened to Phil Kearns giving the two fingered solute as he barged over for a thrilling try?

    What happened to captain fantastic, George Gregan, getting in and talking to the referee like a defence barrister?

    It would seem that the modern Wallabies, a Wallabies sanitised by political correctness, who’ve forgotten who they are as most of them now play in a competition filled with fabricated teams from fabricated corners of the Earth.

    The players and the coach have listened to the above and are hopefully going to perform much better next weekend, as indicated by Michael Cheika’s phone call.

    But what about the fans? Where are we? It’s all well and good to like a post on facebook, but what about your own commitment. Will you, the fans, be at the Italy game on Saturday?

    In total, 45,000 people liked Jack Quigley’s post on Facebook. but will 45,000 fans show up on Saturday?

    I will. See you there.