Chiefs beat Brumbies 28-10

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    The Chiefs as expected have secured a comfortable win over a Brumbies team that had its focus entirely on next week’s home final.

    The Brumbies still competed well and showed some defensive steel that will serve them nicely heading into their home final.

    Chiefs fullback McKenzie was once again dynamic in attack, making several breaks and passes that kickstarted the Chiefs attack.

    The Brumbies had very few answers to the problems McKenzie posed when in space.

    The Brumbies still have issues to solve in attack and need to find more fluency in possession ahead of more testing matches against tough Kiwi opposition.

    Despite a poor season overall from the Australian conference, the Brumbies have earned a ticket to the lottery, and when it comes to finals, anything can happen if they apply themselves and give their best effort.

    Alan Nicolea
    Alan Nicolea

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