Damn you ARU! The wrong team is dead and you know it

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    So the curtain falls on one of the pathetic debacles in recent Australian sporting memory, with the wrong heads on the chopping block.

    In a statement just released ARU Chairman, Cameron Clyne said: “The ARU Board has today made the decision to discontinue the Western Force as the Super Rugby competition reverts to fifteen teams for the 2018 season.

    “This is a sad day for Rugby, especially for Western Force fans. We accept that there will be anger and resentment over this decision and we sympathise with those fans. We sincerely hope that they are not lost to the game forever.”

    Well Mr Clyne, this is definitely one fan lost to the game forever.

    As a WA sports fan living in Melbourne, I always had a dark feeling in the pit of my stomach that the Rebels would outlast the Force.

    Why would the ARU ever get rid of their golden haired child in the sporting capital of this country? The one that has cost them millions upon millions?

    Why, when instead you can throw the team from the less attractive market on the other side of the country to the wolves just as they get backing by one of the richest people in the nation?

    It’s easy to plea for forgiveness when your own pathetic stewardship helped march not only Super Rugby but Australian rugby as a whole into insignficance.

    I hope this does go to court so every one of the mismanagements made by the ARU in recent years is placed on display for all to see.

    Blame ‘financial outcomes’ all you want, Australian rugby isn’t where it is due to either the Force or Rebels, this is on you, plain and simple.

    And to say: “We are regretful that this issue has consumed so much of the public commentary on the game in 2017,” like this is even excusable – this was your own doing.

    The ARU board deserve every last ounce of rage and vitriol that is coming their way and I look forward to the swarm of excuses that will be vomited back at punters for why the Force have joined the Western Reds in the WA professional sports paupers’ grave.

    To the Rebels fans, I hold no grudge with you. One of our teams was always going to lose and I wish you all the best.

    But ARU, remember these words: The west will never forget.

    Hope you’re not holding your breath for WA Wallabies. Could be one lengthy wait once the current mob is gone.