“An idiotic decision”: Forrest fires back after ARU axe the Force

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    Western Force benefactor Andrew Forrest has taken aim at the ARU in the wake of their decision to cut the team from the Super Rugby competition, and he hasn’t held back.

    Forrest said in a press conference on Friday that he would undertake to seek an injuction against the ARU’s decision to axe the Force.

    “We want leadership from the Australian Rugby Union, not cowardly litigation,” Forrest said.

    “But if they want to continue to fight us, we will happily take them on for as long as it takes.”

    Forrest took some significant pot shots at the ARU’s decision to retain the struggling Melbourne Rebels while dumping the Force.

    “This is like dumping the fastest improving athlete or the silver medalist from the Olympic swimming squad and leaving the worst performer in there,” Forrest said.

    “It is a ludicrous and unfair legal initiative by the ARU.

    “This would only get through litigation and never logic.”

    The Force finished second overall behind the Brumbies in the Australian conference this season, not only beating established franchises in the Waratahs and Reds, but significant strides ahead of the Melbourne Rebels.

    The Rebels finished at the absolute bottom of the standings in Super Rugby this year, recording only one win for the season and finishing with a -333 points differential.

    The Force finished with six wins.

    RugbyWA has said the following in a statement on Friday:

    “RugbyWA remains committed to pursuing every possible means to ensure the Western Force remains a Super Rugby team in Perth.

    “RugbyWA is considering all options including bringing urgent proceedings in the Supreme Court of NSW, and legal action relating to the circumstances which led it to enter into the Alliance Agreement with the ARU.

    “Whilst the board of RugbyWA is extremely disappointed with the ARU’s stated position, with the support of the Rugby community and numerous WA business identities including Mr Andrew Forrest AO we will continue the fight to retain the Force in Western Australia.”

    Josh Elliott
    Josh Elliott

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