Sydney Swans vs Fremantle Dockers: AFL live scores, blog

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    Sydney Swans vs. Fremantle

    AFL Home and Away August 12, 2017
    Sydney Swans 143, Fremantle 39
    Sydney Swans Fremantle
     G B Pts G B Pts
    Q18250   117
    Q213684   139
    Q3177109   4529
    Q42211143   5939

    Match result:

    The Sydney Swans have scored an enormous win over the Fremantle Dockers at the SCG on Saturday afternoon, victorious by 104 points.

    Final score
    Sydney Swans 22.11.143
    Fremantle Dockers 5.9.39

    Match preview:

    The Sydney Swans want to keep winning and should have a pretty easy time of it when they go up against the Fremantle Dockers. Join The Roar for score updates and a blog of the match on Saturday afternoon at the SCG, starting from 1:45pm AEST.

    The Sydney Swans are eight spots higher on the ladder than the Fremantle Dockers, in sixth compared to fourteenth, but in truth the gap between them ought to be wider than that.

    What this really is, is a match between a side who might secretly be the best in the league, and another who might secretly be one of the worst.

    Sydney for example have been nerfed a fair bit this year by the fact of their 0-6 start, but football moves quickly, and that’s really ancient history by now.

    If you were to write up a ladder based on results from Round 7 onwards, they’d be at the top of the league in a canter.

    It’s a simillar story told in reverse for Fremantle, who had six of their eight wins in a seven-week patch earlier this year.

    Ever since their 100-point loss to the Adelaide Crows in Round 10, they’ve been pretty average, winning only two more games this year, last week being one of them.

    Of the eight matches they have won, four of them have been by less than a goal, so they could be called lucky to some degree.

    It has left them with the third-worst percentage in the league, better only than Carlton and the Brisbane Lions.

    They’ve probably still got some claim to being better than at least one of North Melbourne, Carlton or Gold Coast – having beaten all three – but they should count themselves lucky to be avoiding the bottom four this year.

    What does it all mean? Bar a bizarre upset – which wouldn’t be that out of place in this wacky season – it’ll be a very good day for the home team.

    Sydney Swans by 48.

    Join The Roar for score updates and a blog of the match on Saturday afternoon between the Sydney Swans and the Fremantle Dockers at the SCG, starting from 1:45pm AEST.

    Live Score Updates

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    Quarter 1
    4' GOAL - Gary Rohan (Sydney Swans)
    6' BEHIND - Sam Reid (Sydney Swans)
    7' BEHIND - Brennan Cox (Fremantle)
    8' GOAL - Isaac Heeney (Sydney Swans)
    10' GOAL - Lance Franklin (Sydney Swans)
    12' BEHIND - Sam Reid (Sydney Swans)
    13' GOAL - Luke Parker (Sydney Swans)
    20' GOAL - Luke Parker (Sydney Swans)
    23' GOAL - Gary Rohan (Sydney Swans)
    25' GOAL - Sam Reid (Sydney Swans)
    27' GOAL - Will Hayward (Sydney Swans)
    28' GOAL - Matt Taberner (Fremantle)
    Quarter 2
    1' BEHIND - Kurt Tippett (Sydney Swans)
    6' BEHIND - Rushed (Sydney Swans)
    8' GOAL - Kurt Tippett (Sydney Swans)
    9' BEHIND - Matt Taberner (Fremantle)
    15' GOAL - Lance Franklin (Sydney Swans)
    17' BEHIND - Dean Towers (Sydney Swans)
    17' BEHIND - Zak Jones (Sydney Swans)
    20' BEHIND - Cam McCarthy (Fremantle)
    21' GOAL - Callum Sinclair (Sydney Swans)
    23' GOAL - Lance Franklin (Sydney Swans)
    25' GOAL - Lance Franklin (Sydney Swans)
    Quarter 3
    1' GOAL - Sam Reid (Sydney Swans)
    4' GOAL - Kieren Jack (Sydney Swans)
    6' GOAL - Tom Papley (Sydney Swans)
    8' GOAL - David Mundy (Fremantle)
    12' GOAL - Tom Papley (Sydney Swans)
    16' GOAL - Joshua Deluca (Fremantle)
    18' BEHIND - Sam Reid (Sydney Swans)
    19' BEHIND - Hayden Ballantyne (Fremantle)
    20' BEHIND - Matt Taberner (Fremantle)
    22' GOAL - Cam McCarthy (Fremantle)
    Quarter 4
    2' BEHIND - Kieren Jack (Sydney Swans)
    4' BEHIND - Will Hayward (Sydney Swans)
    5' GOAL - Zak Jones (Sydney Swans)
    6' BEHIND - Rushed (Fremantle)
    8' BEHIND - Lance Franklin (Sydney Swans)
    9' GOAL - Cam McCarthy (Fremantle)
    10' BEHIND - Nat Fyfe (Fremantle)
    11' GOAL - Will Hayward (Sydney Swans)
    17' GOAL - Kurt Tippett (Sydney Swans)
    19' BEHIND - Lance Franklin (Sydney Swans)
    23' BEHIND - Rushed (Fremantle)
    24' BEHIND - Rushed (Fremantle)
    27' GOAL - Jarrad McVeigh (Sydney Swans)
    28' GOAL - Luke Parker (Sydney Swans)

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