Carmelo Anthony trade talks start again

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    Carmelo Anthony of the New York Knicks. (AP Photo/Chris Szagola)

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    There has been no shortage of rumours and speculation as to where 10-time NBA All-Star Carmelo Anthony will play next season, and now the trade rumours have ramped up again.

    Anthony, a former scoring champion and franchise player, has reportedly lost enjoyment for the game of basketball while playing for the troubled New York Knicks organisation, who was led by Phil Jackson until his resignation earlier this year.

    He has played for the Knicks for the last six seasons, however, it is expected that he will be traded to another franchise before next season.

    In fact, it could happen very soon.

    While rumours continue to grow and circulate, there are only three teams that are likely to get Carmelo’s signature.

    The Cleveland Cavaliers are the first team and could have a large offer ready in Kyrie Irving, who also requested to be traded. Anthony and LeBron James and good friends off the court and Carmelo would look favourably about playing with ‘the King’.

    While it is reported that Irving would like to play for New York, the two organisations have halted trade talks with no viable deal reached. It is possible that Kyrie will force the Cavaliers’ hand and push for a trade.

    The second team is the Houston Rockets, who have recently acquired another good friend of Anthony, Chris Paul. Paul has joined James Harden to create a back court powerhouse and possibly a new contender in the Western Conference.

    Anthony has said that at this point in his career, he wants to enjoy his basketball and win a championship, with Houston, this seems possible.

    Houston has been in trade discussions about Anthony with the Knicks for some time, and will possibly try to involve a third team as they try to release power forward Ryan Anderson and his $80-million contract.

    The third and final team who could sign Carmelo is the Portland Trail Blazers. The consistent, Western Conference team are considered a dark horse to land the big signing but have actively tried to recruit Anthony for weeks.

    The Trail Blazers boast another very strong backcourt with Damien Lillard and C.J McCollum, who have both reached out to Anthony during the recruiting process.

    Portland has had some success in the tough Western Conference, making the playoffs in the last four seasons, however, the record is beginning to worsen and they may struggle this season without Anthony.

    Considering that these are the three main options for Carmelo Anthony, there is one major outcome for the rest of the league. An Anthony trade will be yet another contributor to the divide between the East and West conferences, especially if he chooses Portland.

    Don’t be surprised if we hear some major trade news coming out of New York in the coming days.

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