Commentator’s brutally difficult greyhound call goes viral

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    A race caller has passed one of the hardest tests in the commentary box, expertly describing a greyhound race with seven dogs sharing the same name.

    It happened at the Manuwatu track in New Zealand’s north island.

    The poor commentator must have cursed his luck when he saw the field for the 457m 11th race.

    Field for the race

    1. Bigtime Power
    2. Bigtime Michelle
    3. Bigtime Monty
    4. Bigtime Ranson
    5. Bigtime Sam
    6. Bigtime Caleb
    7. Crazy Kicker
    8. Bigtime Jayjay

    It’s not unusual for a trainer to use similar names for their dogs, and trainer Lisa Cole certainly loved the ‘Bigtime’ name.

    Her seven dogs made for some great television as the commentator used the Bigtime prefix throughout the race.

    For the record Bigtime Jayjay won the race.

    Check out the hilarious video in the player above.

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