Brisbane season review and possible trade moves: 2017

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    While at first glance it appeared to be another terrible season for the Lions, they actually made progress in 2017. Here’s my season review.

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    What happened in 2017
    The Lions had a good season, winning five games, two more than last year, and blooding plenty of exciting youngsters.

    They started well, winning their first game of the season, winning over crosstown rivals Gold Coast. They then, however, went on to lose their next nine games, showing some flashes of brilliance and excitement at times, but also showing some ugly football as well.

    They had a turning point after their bye though, winning against Fremantle, Essendon, Carlton, and Gold Coast for the second time this season. They had a disappointing loss against North Melbourne in the final round in a game they were expected to win, but still a promising season for this young, developing team overall.

    Mark out of 10: 8/10

    The coach
    Chris Fagan did well to right the ship in 2017, changing their game plan to a more exciting brand, and changing the culture around the club. He will be expected to build on this year’s performance and will hopefully be able to have them contesting for September football by 2021. Fantastic first year performance for the coach.

    Mark out of 10: 9/10

    The best 22 – end of 2017
    B: Darcy Gardiner, Harris Andrews, Sam Mayes
    HB: Alex Witherden, Daniel McStay, Nick Robertson
    C: Daniel Rich, Dayne Zorko, Ryan Lester
    HF: Mitch Robinson, Josh Schache, Hugh McCluggage
    F: Lewis Taylor, Eric Hipwood, Jake Barrett
    Foll: Stefan Martin, Dayne Beams, Tom Rockliff
    I/C: Jarrod Berry, Allen Christensen, Ryan Bastinac, Rhys Mathieson

    Young players such as Cedric Cox and Tom Cutler are unlucky to not be in the best 22. Christensen and Robinson would both have been senior regulars had they not been injured, hence why they have been included.

    List changes
    Possible delistings

    Ryan Harwood – Has been disappointing over the last few years, and having played only nine games in 2017, which leaves a question mark over where he fits into Chris Fagan’s future plans.

    Rohan Bewick – Seeing as he has never played over 20 games in a season and struggled to get games this year, it seems him time at Brisbane will be up.

    Cian Hanley – Hanley, brother of Pearce from the Suns, seems unlikely to be upgraded to the senior list after three seasons on the rookie list.

    Jarrad Jansen – Jansen hasn’t showed much in his time up in Brisbane, and it seems likely his time will be over.

    Josh Clayton – Clayton has only played two games in three years, not showing much, and it now seems likely his time at the Lions will be over.

    Claye Beams – Beams, brother of the Lions skipper Dayne, has showed potential throughout his career, but has never acted on it. It seems unlikely he will get a new contract.

    Michael Close – Has showed glimpses, but never acted on it, however is a possibility to be re-signed due to the fact he played ten games this year, the most since his debut year.

    Matt Hammelmann – He is currently on the rookie list, but seems unlikely to be offered a spot on the senior list.

    Free agents
    Claye Beams and Ryan Harwood are unrestricted free agents and would be able to leave the club without being delisted or traded, however, as I stated above, I believe they should be delisted.

    Tom Rockliff hasn’t re-signed as of yet, and there is interest from Hawthorn and Port Adelaide. If he chooses not to re-sign, I would allow him to leave and take the compensation pick.

    Tom Rockliff Brisbane Lions AFL 2017

    Picks: 1, Port Adelaide’s first round pick (Currently 14), 18, 41, 73

    Potential trade targets
    There has been public talk from Chris Fagan that the Lions are interested in Charlie Cameron from Adelaide, and with talk that he is homesick, may potentially request a trade to the Lions. Brisbane would easily have to offer a first-round pick and a second-round pick, and maybe a cherry on top to sweeten the deal.

    If Adelaide were interested in Tom Rockliff, they could offer Rockliff and a third-round pick for Cameron and a fourth-round pick, however their most ideal trade for Cameron would be this.

    Adelaide would give Charlie Cameron and fifth-round pick (Currently 90) and Brisbane would give Port Adelaide’s first round pick (Currently 14) and their 2018 second-round pick.

    They may possibly further look at their small forward and midfield stocks by looking at Billy Hartung or Paul Puopolo from Hawthorn to add depth and experience, however there is talk that Puopolo is going to the Giants.

    They could potentially look at trying to add Luke Partington from West Coast to their young brigade, however it depends on what the Eagles would ask for him. Besides that, stick to the draft and build from there.

    It seems unlikely there will be any retirements for the Lions this off season as they look to improve their young list next year.

    Early prediction
    My early prediction for next year is for the Lions to finish on seven wins and finish 14-17 on the ladder.

    That’s my view on Brisbane’s 2017 season and what they should do in this year’s trade period. What are your thoughts?

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