They’ve written Arsenal off – and that’s the best news ever!

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    Today, the Gunners face their toughest challenge yet.

    Going against the Premier League champions is one thing – going against them when they’re on the form that they in – even worse. This is not the Chelsea that Mourinho lost – this is the ‘Conté Army’ that has a tight defence and a powerful forward force.

    It goes without saying that Arsenal have been written off. First, you have Paul Merson, who has said that only Alex Sanchez would make the Chelsea team. Second, the bookies have made Chelsea overwhelming favourites to win the game today. Third, we have injury scares with the likes of Mesut Ozil set to miss the away match.

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    (AFP, Ben Stansall).

    This is however, the best news possible. Think back to the times when Arsenal have been tipped to win a match, title or challenge – we’ve sadly dropped the ball and let the fans down. We do not have the BMT that other clubs have.

    We are however, amazing underdogs – we have the habit of coming out strong when it seems hopeless. Yes, the drumming received from Liverpool (who suddenly look like last season’s side) was one that will stick in the mind of pundits, fans and managers because our performance was so bad that it gave us little hope.

    We were nowhere. Players disappeared. The scoreline was not a reflection of the game for all the wrong reasons – because it could have been so much worse. We only received four because Cech kept us from further embarrassment.

    However, nobody is talking about the exciting performance against a frail Bournemouth side. Yes, this was a soft challenge, but perhaps it was the right one. It allowed us to play with the style and expansion that we lacked against Jurgen Klopp’s men.

    Then, Europa League came along. I had little hope for the match against Cologne because we have admitted that UEFA’s second tier competition will not be our priority this season however, we were fantastic. We responded incredibly well to an early goal against us and Alexis’ goal still makes me weep – and he is back to all smiles again.

    I do however, encourage the Mersons of the footballing world to ignore all these positive things because it gives us the ideal chance to prove them wrong. We’ve beaten Chelsea twice in a row. Yes, these were at Wembley and Chelsea will be better with 11-men for 90 min and their precious home soil, but fact is, we’ve beaten them twice in succession. Recently.

    I am predicting an Arsenal win today, and the beginning of a positive run that puts us back where we should be on the log. We’re coming for you, Conté.