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    Port Adelaide have lodged paperwork to acquire restricted free agent Tom Rockliff. Brisbane have three days to confirm whether or not they will match the offer.

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    Good morning all! The AFL trade and free agency period is officially underway, if not particularly active yet, and we’re covering all the news and rumours live here on The Roar from 9am AEDT.

    Trading officially opened yesterday… but there were no deals done. No trades, no free agency signings. That means at the moment, the only official move is Jackson Trengove joining the Western Bulldogs on Friday last week.

    However it’s not really a surprise that nothing got done yesterday as the first day of trade period is always spent with the clubs meeting at Etihad Stadium in the morning and then typically spending the afternoon discussing the results of those meetings among themselves and putting together a formal strategy.

    We’ll start to see some more movement today I expect and while there’s no guarantee that means a trade gets done, there’s every chance that some of those players whose deals are going to be relatively simple could get put through as early as today.

    Of course the simple deals aren’t as much fun as the needlessly complex deals, and there will be more than a few clubs scratching their heads at the moment about how they can land their targets in a reasonable, profitable way.

    I’ve put up two ideas for four-team trades that I think would result in a lot of happy customers on Twitter, please do tell me in the comments how horrendously wrong and unfair I’m being.

    On top of that we’ve got free agency still active until the end of the week and players like Tom Rockliff, Steven Motlop and Daniel Menzel are still yet to make their moves. Rockliff it wouldn’t surprise to see today do a deal with Port Adelaide, Motlop and Menzel might have some more work to do before anything is finalised.

    We’ll be following it all live here on The Roar from 9am AEDT! I’ll bring you the news and rumours, but feel free to get the discussion and banter started.

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