AFL trade news and rumours Day 8 live blog

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    Jack Watts traded from Melbourne Demons to Port Adelaide Power for pick 31.

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    Brendon Ah Chee and Port Adelaide Power’s 2018 fourth-round pick traded from Port Adelaide Power to West Coast Eagles for West Coast Eagles’ 2018 third-round pick.


    There’s only three more days of trading left and still plenty to be done after only five deals have been done in the trade period so far.

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    Yesterday saw one more trade done with Adam Saad joining Essendon in exchange for the Dons’ 2018 second-round pick.

    It means Essendon have secured two of their three targets this offseason and how have only Jake Stringer left that they need to land.

    Both parties appear to be playing chicken a bit on that deal though, and truth be told I don’t expect it to be formalised until Thursday.

    However one other big piece of news was Lachie Weller making the decision to request a trade to Gold Coast, turning down a four-year extension from Fremantle.

    Fremantle have reportedly already requested Gold Coast’s pick 2 in exchange for him, which is so laughably ridiculous as to make you wonder if list managers should be drug tested.

    The most likely result instead would be a three-team deal that sees Fremantle gain both Nathan Wilson and Brandon Matera while dealing Weller to Gold Coast – with the Suns giving the Giants something to satisy them for the loss of Wilson.

    We also heard former North Melbourne skipper Andrew Swallow say he’d be happy to take a trade to Gold Coast, and North Melbourne formally confirmed that they’re happy to make a deal.

    So that one appears now to largely depend on whether or not Gold Coast decide they want him – it’d make sense for them if they want a mature, experienced leader to help their youth develop.

    Join me here on The Roar for all the latest AFL trade news and rumours throughout the day, starting from 9am AEDT.

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