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    We sat down with former Wallabies captain Nick Farr-Jones to discuss the need for a new voice to save a sinking ship and take control of community rugby.

    Farr-Jones expressed his concern and frustration about the state of funding for the game.

    “What I’ve seen in the last five years of reduced and zero funding of premiership rugby…I can’t tell you how many times I’ve beaten my head against the wall about the importance of funding that,” he said.

    He lamented the fact that Premiership teams are not getting the money they deserve.

    “They used to just get a meagre 1.3 million dollars to support all the Shute Shield teams. Those premiership teams supported the ARU in going to the third tier of paid product,” he said.

    “He [Bill Pulver] came back with double the money for the broadcasting deal. We’re all there thinking that’s great, there’ll be something paid back to the Premiership clubs…hole in the doughnut. Hole in the doughnut. That’s when I was getting close to just…exit stage left.”

    Farr-Jones believes that there is a growing need for someone to step in to help take community rugby in the right direction.

    “What we need now is someone to galvanise particularly community rugby. Community rugby survives largely on volunteers. Volunteers, a bit like me, are pretty down on the state of the game. The loss of participation, the increased cost of juniors to participate,” he said.

    He is confident that someone with a history in rugby and a strong team can begin to take the proper action needed to rescue community rugby.

    “We need someone who can go out there and be somewhat of a messiah. That person has to be someone who is deeply respected and has a background in rugby…and that person has to surround himself with really good people,” he said.

    Check out the segment in the viewer above, or watch the interview in full here.

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